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It is vital to calibrate torque instruments to maintain longevity and accuracy. Torque calibration ensures that the instrument is compliant and offers accurate and reliable readings. In the absence of calibration, there is a detrimental impact on the functioning of the tool, leading to incorrect results. At Zenith Instruments, we have wide experience in the field of calibration and offer a complete range of services to assess and make the required adjustments to keep instruments compliant.

Efficient Torque Wrench Calibration Services

We calibrate and service all types of Torque Equipment. Our Calibration Laboratory is capable of calibrating torque from 0 to 1500 Nm 2000 Nm. We can Service, Repair and Calibrate any make and model of Torque Wrench. No matter the type of torque tool you have, we have the right calibration solutions for excellent results.

Maintain Accuracy With Torque Calibration Services

Torque wrenches are used across various industries and are a crucial part of many applications. With regular use, torque wrenches may go out of calibration and fail to perform optimally. The usage makes torque instruments susceptible to losing the setting and accuracy point. This makes regular calibration absolutely necessary.

At Zenith Instruments, we have wide experience and recommend regular calibration for correct readings. Our calibration capability extends beyond the lab and we can offer both in-house and on-site calibration services to all our clients. With our service, you can have the confidence that your tool is calibrated to adhere to the highest standards.

Based on the environment to which your tool is subjected, the calibration requirements may vary. As specialists, we have thorough knowledge and can ensure that your torque wrench is calibrated based on defined standards of accuracy. We make use of advanced torque testers and take utmost care to perform calibration correctly. During every calibration, the environmental factors are monitored and controlled for precise results.

We understand the criticality of your process and it has always been our goal to calibrate instruments in the shortest possible time. With our service, you can get back to work fast and ensure the seamless functioning of your process. With our on-site service, you can have the assurance that there is minimal disruption to your process.

Maintain Peak Performance With Torque Wrench Calibration

At Zenith Instruments, we can calibrate a broad range of tools and equipment while offering the highest level of accuracy. Our calibration experts are trained and experienced and can cater to all your needs. Designed to suit your bespoke needs, we are your one-stop platform for all your calibration and equipment needs. The scope of our calibration is wide and we are committed to offering the highest level of service always.
If you are looking for some other calibration solutions, feel free to connect with us. We also Provide On-Site Service and Pickup / Delivery Service: To find more please call our Sydney Office 02 9680 8765 or Melbourne Office 03 9562 0373.

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Frequently Asked Question's

The cost of a torque wrench calibration can range from anywhere between $30 to $200. The price of torque calibration varies based on the capacity of the torque wrench and whether its usage is industrial or domestic. Furthermore, if the torque wrench has any electronic or pneumatic components, then there will be an additional cost added to the calibration service.
Yes, you can conduct torque wrench calibration by yourself. All you require is a torque wrench calibrator. With this machine, you will be required to identify the calibration ratio and multiply it by the required bolt torque.
When it comes to torque calibration, it is ideal to calibrate the torque wrench every 12 months or every 5000 cycles whichever is more likely to come first. It is best to defer to professional torque wrench calibration services for this task as they can make your torque wrench calibration a lot simpler and more accurate.