Electrical Equipment Calibration Service Sydney, Melbourne and Across Australia

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At Zenith Instruments, we possess the capability to carry out calibration services on different types of electrical equipment. As an established provider of calibration services, we have succeeded in building an enviable reputation for the quality of our service. Fast, reliable and affordable, you can count on us for all your electrical calibration needs. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we strive to offer the most accurate calibration service to all our clients. If you choose us for your clamp meter calibration, then you can be assured that you are approaching experts who are committed to providing the best electrical calibration services in the market.

Efficient Electrical Calibration Services

We have implemented Digital Automated Calibration Procedure to reduce human error and increase accuracy. This is highly important as with efficient power meter calibration, your instruments will provide accurate measurements every single time.

The process of calibration involves the comparison of an instrument’s accuracy to a defined standard. The accurate and timely calibration of equipment is vital for compliance and at Zenith Instruments we possess the expertise and experience to provide calibration with the lowest measurement uncertainties. We provide professional insulation tester calibration so that you don’t need to keep worrying about the performance output and accuracy of the measurements of your device. If your fluke meter is showing any problems or if you are unsure about the readings, you are getting then you can go for our fluke calibration services which can easily have your fluke meter calibrated on the spot. We also provide megger calibration for various models to ensure that your insulation testers are working perfectly.

We calibrate service and repair all type of Electrical and Electronic Test Equipment. Our team of qualified and experienced technicians provide Electrical and Electronics Calibration Services to various industries including Electrical Contractors, Manufacturing, Testing and Tagging, Construction, Maintenance Service Provider, Defence and many other companies which use Electrical Test Equipment. So, when you approach us for electrical equipment calibration, you are essentially approaching an industry leader in calibration services all across Victoria.

Our team of trained professionals are well-versed with every aspect of calibration and we can ensure that your instruments conform to the highest standards. We understand the criticality of your

process and take utmost care to offer the right results. We can take care of your electrical equipment calibration so you can have flawless measurements from your electrical equipment and never have any issues with its performance output. With our service, you can ensure that your equipment offers correct readings and your equipment is safe.

Electrical Calibration For Every Type of Instrument

We strive to provide efficient instrument calibration for a range of electrical equipment for various sectors. We calibrate instruments in the fastest possible time and at a competitive price. Our capability in the sphere of calibration is second to none and we make use of advanced techniques for reliable results. We have highly skilled staff that can take care of your power meter calibration without any issues. They come with a vast amount of experience to ensure that your electrical calibration is done at the hands of experts. With our comprehensive calibration, we aim to optimise accuracy and maintain the correct functionality of your equipment.

Why Choose Zenith Instruments?

We provide a complete range of services to ensure that your instruments are safe, fit for purpose and offer reliable readings. We understand the needs of your process and every calibration service is in done in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you want to take advantage of our calibration service, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a simplified process in place and can offer both in-house and off-site calibration solutions. Avail our electrical calibration service for the efficient operation of your plant or equipment.

In case you are unsure if your equipment requires calibration, feel free to get in touch with us. We specialise in the field of calibration and will be happy to assist you at every step. To find out more please call our Sydney office on (02) 9680 8765 or Melbourne office on (03) 9562 0373. You can also email us at info@zenithinstruments.com.au and we will get back to you shortly.

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Frequently Asked Question's

Electrical calibration is the process of calibrating any instrument that is tasked with measuring electrical parameters. The purpose of electrical equipment calibration is to ensure that the electronic device is functioning properly. Furthermore, electrical calibration services help you determine if the device is working as per manufacturer standards.
The process of calibrating a multimeter is quite straightforward. · You need to set the multimeter to the highest known setting. · You must touch the test probes of your multimeter together. · You must press the calibration knob until the display reads zero on the multimeter.
The cost of elect electrical calibration varies on the type of device that has been calibrated. For example, a clamp meter calibration would have different pricing as compared to an insulation tester calibration. Similarly, the pricing for a power meter calibration would also vary based on the complexity of the electrical device. If you need megger calibration or clamp meter calibration, then it is best to go with electrical calibration services.