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Medical equipment is part of life saving technology and it plays a very important role in diagnosis. Doctors highly depend on the measurement taken using these instruments. Thus, medical equipment calibration is a critical part of the quality system. If you do not do regular medical equipment calibration then you could potentially be working with devices that give you incorrect data, and thus lead you to provide a wrong diagnosis for a patient. Therefore, a lack of medical equipment servicing can lead to severe complications for your patients and affect your licence as a medical practitioner. The importance of biomedical equipment calibration cannot be understated due to every single doctor today relying on the measurements taken by these instruments to provide an adequate diagnosis. This is why biomedical calibration is mandated by most private and government healthcare centres and hospitals. Failure to conduct a medical equipment maintenance service can often lead to strict penalties from the governing regulatory body. Read importance of Biomedical calibration service.

At Zenith Instruments we provide comprehensive medical equipment calibration for all your medical devices. If you need professional biomedical calibration then look no further than Zenith Instruments. We can assure you that your medical equipment servicing will be done at the hands of highly skilled experts who come with a vast amount of experience.

We are committed to providing a high level of medical equipment maintenance service that not only takes very little time, but also ensures that every single one of your devices is calibrated to give the most accurate readings.

Our on-site, pickup and delivery services give added convenience to our customers, providing efficiency and minimising time lost to taking equipment to a service centre.

To find out more please call our Sydney office on (02) 9680 8765 or Melbourne office on (03) 9562 0373. You can also email us at and we will get back to you shortly.

We Calibrate, Service and Repair following Instruments

 Zenith can offer calibration service and repair for following medical instruments.

Weighing Scale

Blood Pressure Monitor



ECG Monitor

Pinch Gauge

Hand Dynamometer

Pulse Oximeter

Frequently Asked Question's

Medical equipment calibration is the process of calibrating medical equipment in order to determine the accuracy and certainty of its measurement. It makes your medical equipment servicing a much simpler process and if you go for professional medical equipment calibration services, then the margin of error for your medical equipment is significantly minimised.
There are a significant number of medical equipment that requires calibration including: · Analysers · Autoclaves · Weighing scales · Blood pressure monitors · Thermometers · Pipettes and · RF based equipment This is in addition to biomedical equipment calibration that helps you get much more precise readings from your biomedical equipment.
Regardless of the type of test equipment, it is commonly recommended that they be calibrated once every year. Even if the test equipment has not been used with a high level of frequency in a year, it is still recommended to have it calibrated as there are a multitude of factors that can determine the degradation in the test equipment operation.