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Dial Gauge Calibration Service
Digital Vernier Dial Caliper Calibration Service
Thread Plug Ring Gauges Calibration Services
Digital Micrometer Calibration Service
Digital Height Gauges Calibration Service

Zenith Calibrates all type of Dimensional Metrology Equipment. We have team of experienced technicians and state of the art Laboratory. Test and Measurement Instruments are critical part of the Quality Assurance and Manufacturing. Type of Industries we service: Manufacturing, Mechanical Service, Maintenance Service Etc.

To find out more please call our Sydney office on (02) 9680 8765 or Melbourne office on (03) 9562 0373. You can also email us on info@zenithinstruments.com.au and we will get back to you shortly.
We calibrate, Service and Repair following Instruments

Bore Micrometre 

Laser Distance Meter

Dial Indicator

Laser Level

Dial Test Indicator

Measuring Tape 

Depth Gauge 


Dumpy Level

Outside Micrometer

Gauge Block Set

Paint Thickness Gauge

Hard Gauges 

Steel Rule

Height Gauge


Inside Micrometer

Vernier Caliper

Frequently Asked Question's

Dimensional equipment refers to any kind of equipment that is involved in the measuring of the physical size of an object including its weight, length, height and diameter. A professional dimensional calibration service can calibrate equipment that is used to measure the geometric proportions of machined parts.
Calibration tools are instruments that help determine the accuracy of an existing measuring instrument when compared with a measuring standard. This allows you to effectively gauge the performance output of any given instrument and minimise its margin of error. This is why dimensional calibration requires a multitude of calibration tools.