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Car Park Gas Monitoring System

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Car Park Gas Monitoring System

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    Car Park ventilation is essential for healthy environment in-side underground or low air flow area. Running ventilation System can be expensive as the Electricity prices keep increasing. The Gas Monitoring System monitors the level of CO in the air which is generated by Car’s exhaust. Our Gas Monitoring System does more than monitoring; it controls quality of air by running the ventilation system whenever there is CO in the air. This way ventilation Fans can be operated only when needed instead of running 24/7 or on fix timer. Our qualified team of Electrician, Gas Monitoring Technician and Sales Personal at Zenith Sales and Calibrations Pty Ltd will provide complete solution for your Car Park Gas Monitoring and Ventilation Control System. Zenith can Supply, Install, Calibrate and Service Car Park Gas Monitoring System. Our Gas Control System will satisfy the requirement of AS/NZS3000, AS/NZS 60079.29.2 and AS/NZS 1668.
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