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Wondering what is the purpose of calibration of instruments?

Calibration of test and measurement equipment is a very critical and essential part of the quality control system. Zenith offers expert calibration services with dedicated and professional customer service to make the process of calibration more efficient for our customer and reduce the downtime. We specialise in on-site calibration services where we come to you to calibrate complex or bulky instruments used in the process. We also provide in-house calibration services at our fully equipped laboratories in Sydney and Melbourne with guaranteed quick turnaround time. Calibration can be an expensive exercise, however, not at Zenith. We offer cost-effective services without compromising the quality and accuracy requirement, as per manufacturer’s specifications. Each instrument calibrated by us is supported by a comprehensive Calibration Certificate and Recordkeeping service to satisfy the Quality Auditing requirement. Our Calibration Certificate satisfies the requirement of the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17025:2005, HACCP, FSMS 22000, OHSAS 4801 and 18001, EMS 14001 Etc… Calibration reports also cover all the requirements of AS/NZS 10012:2004. With unrivalled skill, our calibration experts have succeeded in offering services par excellence to clients.

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Our Timeline

Started Company
Stared Selling Pressure gauge
Became distributor of RKI Gas Monitoring
Expanded Scope of Calibration to cover Wind Speed up to 45 m/s
Started Gas Monitoring Installation and commissioning and Diaphragm Assembly
Extended Scope of Calibration to High Voltage and Current based Resistance measurement
Started Branch office in Melbourne
Acquired Calibration arm of JTA to Expand the scope of Calibration to cover Audiometer and Sound Level Calibration
Acquired Calibration arm of Independent Scale Service to Expand the scope of Calibration to cover Hopper and Scale Calibration
Received our NATA Accreditation
Expanded our On-site Calibration Capability
Preventive maintenance and calibration of equipment is vital and ensures accuracy and operational efficiency. It also extends the life of the equipment and reduces cost in future, caused due to sudden breakdown. We possess complete knowledge about the maintenance requirements of instruments and will be happy to assist you at every step. Our goal is to offer complete and hassle-free calibration solutions in Australia. We have the experience and expertise of working across a variety of sectors and you can trust us that the defined standards are being maintained.

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