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Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide Vacuum Gauge Specialists

vacuum gauge

Zenith Instruments specialise in vacuum gauges, Australia-wide, for a wide range of industries and applications. If your business requires reliable pressure measurements, talk to Zenith Instruments and we can supply you with the correct vacuum gauge, Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide.

Pressurized systems are used in a huge range of locations and industries. These include manufacturing machinery of all kinds, cars and vehicles, and more, across Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia. Our specialty range features gauges manufactured in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. With dial sizes from 63mm to 250mm, with digital or analogue displays, in read out units of kPa, psi, bar etc.

Our products offer superior quality and accuracy, giving peace-of-mind for clients and preventing failures in everyday operations. Unattended and unrectified fluctuations in pressure can cause failures in systems, leading to lost time, money and productivity. This can be devastating to a company’s bottom-line when working with tight margins reliant on accuracy. Our top-quality range enables businesses to ensure efficiency at all times, with cost-effectiveness from competitively priced products.

The Zenith Instruments vacuum gauge range includes:

- The Magnehelic Gauge – highly accurate, with a choice of over 80 models available making it perfect for a wide range of requirements. Shock-resistant, its design features no manometer fluid, enabling it to be used in high and low temperatures without evaporating or freezing. This is the industry standard for measuring fan and blower pressures, air velocity, and more.

- Model DTG Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – accurate tire pressure increases fuel economy and improves the life of the tires. This easy-to-use gauge reads out in psi, bar and kPa, with single button operation for simplicity. The protective rubber casing makes it ideal for on-the-road use.

Contact the team at Zenith Instruments and talk to us about our range of vacuum gauges. We can supply the ideal solution for your requirements, ensuring your operation has exactly the equipment it needs. Our commitment to quality products and high standards of service ensures businesses turn to us for all their vacuum gauge needs, Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide. We take pride in stocking the right model for every need, and our expert knowledge enables us to help our customers make the right choices.